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Many years ago, NC Equipment was the first company in NZ to import a MTD Ride on Mower. What was once regarded as a luxury is now viewed as a necessity which is why we are still specializing in this category and grown to a point where we are regularly receiving indent shipments directly from overseas in order to continue offering our customers the best pricing in NZ!

In 2016 we received our 30 Year award for being a specialist dealer of Stihl, another quality, renowned brand that matches all that we stand for.

One of our directors is particularly passionate about this category which is why we have invested in a ‘state of the art’ showroom and workshop facility. As a result of this, our purpose built 2 story showroom is constantly kept full of exciting new power equipment to keep our busy clients operating as efficiently around the home and yard as they do around the farm!

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We Provide Innovative Farming Solutions

At NC Equipment, we have seen farming equipment transition from being a luxury to becoming a necessity. Throughout our five decades in the industry, we have conducted continuous research and development to find the right power equipment for you. We find the ideal solution for every application which ranges from construction to cleaning to forestry and gardening. This is how you know we are doing things right:

  • Assured Quality

Our team features only the most innovative machinery on the market. We supply power equipment from the most trusted brands in New Zealand and overseas.

  • Trusted Experience

Our company confidently addresses your concerns because we have been in the industry for generations. We come from farming backgrounds and have a shared passion for machinery.

  • World Class Service

The core of our business is buying and selling agricultural machinery. But we wouldn’t have lasted this long if we didn’t have unparalleled levels of customer service.

We always strive to cultivate lifelong relationships with our customers, the better we know you and the better you know us, the better we can help.

We Service What We Sell

NC Equipment takes pride in unparalleled customer service from the moment you come to us with enquiries about our farming machinery until after the actual power equipment sales process. Our highly experienced and qualified service staff takes care of all your maintenance and servicing needs. We keep your equipment rolling all throughout the year. For on-farm assistance, please call us on 0800 908 908.

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