Walter Watson Rollers for best compaction

How to get a great compacted paddock. WALTER WATSON ROLLERS – A Game Changer for Sandy Fleming.

Recommended Cultivation Disc's

We interview a North Canterbury farmer who has saved 100 tractor and man-hours with his RZ Discs from NC Equipment.

Krone Equipment interview with Stu Bailey

NC Equipment interview Stu Bailey from Ohoka, New Zealand on his experience using Krone Equipment. Stu uses a Conditioner Mower, Comprima, Baler/wrapper and Swadro Rake

Welcome to NC Equipment

NC Equipment supplies new and used farm machinery for farmers and contractors throughout New Zealand. Providing, servicing and supporting only the best and top quality of brands.

Bale Baron - Small Bale Packaging System

Canadian made Bale Baron collects small or conventional square bales and bundles them into packs of 9, 18, or 21. Packs up to 1000 Bales/hr! Already being proven by dozens of NZ and Australian contractors.

Bale Baron 425P Tested | Farm Trader

If you handle a serious number of conventional bales every year, the Bale Baron 425P will definitely be of interest. It saves labour, time, and money by eliminating the need to pick up bales by hand. Farm Trader’s Brent Lilley reviews.

Walter Watson Hydraulic Folding Breaker Ring Rollers

Built to withstand constant hard work, our 6.3m and 8.3m 3 section Cambridge Rollers have been designed for maximom flotation and even consolidation across the full working width.

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