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As a trusted provider of farm machinery since 1965, NC Equipment understands the important contribution that you as a farmer make to the community and the economy as a whole.

We understand the diverse range of jobs you do and machinery you work with each day and we strive to make this simpler and easier for you.

This is why NC Equipment provides you with “Fast Access to Quality Ag Machinery” with our extensive range of hire Equipment.

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Benefits of hire include:
  • Your capital isn’t tied up. Your capital can be used for other machinery or other investments.
  • Helps relieve the pressure during the peak of the season without investing capital unnecessarily.
  • Hiring is a known fixed cost which is advantageous for financial forecasting and cash flow.
  • The latest modern machinery is offered for hire giving you the best available technology and increased reliability.
  • Hire machines are off your balance sheet and hire payments are fully tax deductible.
  • You can trial a new machine to see how it performs prior to purchasing it.
  • You have no ongoing maintenance hassle or costs
  • No Obsolete machinery to dispose of

Talk to us about hire to buy options where we can offset some of your hire payments against the new price of the hired machinery.

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