charities and organisations we support

We have been supporting our communities for over 50 years.

NC Equipment is passionate about giving back to our community, and takes a philanthropic view to helping our favourite charities and supporting the local community wherever possible.

Due to the volume of requests we get to support charitable donations, we have made the decision to consolidate and donate consistently to the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) due to the wide range of support they provide – from Emergency & Disaster, homeless and poverty, disadvantaged youth, and heath & disability. They welcome Charities or organisations in need of support, to reach out to them.

We are also pleased to support many of the local sponsorships and requests we receive. To streamline the application procedure and allow us to process them more efficiently, we ask you to please apply for NC Equipment support by completing the form below.

To be considered, please ensure you fill out the editable PDF Sponsorship Application Form and email it to [email protected]

Please note NC Equipment prefers to provide sponsorship support by supplying product in place of monetary funds.

Whilst we consider every request, please understand that NC Equipment cannot support every individual sponsorship application.



These charities and organisations below perform exceptional work in our community and NC Equipment is very happy to have supported their valuable efforts, both in the past and moving forward. & 

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