Robertson Super Comby Multi-Feed Wagon

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NZ made Robertson Super Comby multi-feed wagon. Able to feed all feed types including baleage and beet & silage.

Equipped with an extra rear bin for extra capacity & loading forks. Bin brings the capacity to 15.5m3. Has the elevator to completely tease the bale apart. The floor is operated independently with the in-cab joystick control.
Has been workshop checked and serviced.

“Ask about our NCE Dealer 2nd Hand Warranty”

Service Notes;
Removed elevator and side feed chains. Replaced pins and bushes on elevator idler sprockets, refit chains and set tension. Refit side feed chains and set tension. Cut out and welded in new eye. Repaired top elevator nose cone as required.
Replaced one cross floor slat & checked all main floor slats and straighten as required. Welded in new Jack stand & made new custom foot plate to suit. Replaced both front wheel bearings, adjusted both rear bearings and greased as needed. Greased all nipples and adjusters, greased chains and ran up on tractor OK. Steam cleaned.

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