400S – 23HP Zero-Turn Mowers

These mowers are Ferris entry-level riders. With commercial engines & transmissions, they are an excellent value for money mower for any large domestic user or lifestyle block owner.

4 Year/500 Hour Warranty on all Ferris mowers*!!


  • 12 Gauge Fabricated deck construction with greaseable spindles, giving longer lasting componentry
  • Exclusive front & rear suspension giving a more consistent cut with greater operator comfort
  • Over Spec’d 23 HP commercial engine. Easier for mower to handle long & heavy grass
  • Simple foot operated deck height adjuster. A rugged design
  • Optional catching kit available.
  • Specifications

  • Engine (HP) 23 HP Briggs & Stratton V Twin
  • Mowing Deck (inch/cm) 48/122
  • Max Speed (km/hr) 13
  • Weight (kg) 369
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      1. David Lowe

        This is a terrific all round mower for the larger lawn, but it does so much more! ZTR really does half the time mowing a regular lawn compared with a traditional tractor style mower and it does a great job. The three blade system gives a very even finish and I get no scalping. I also use the mower to top longer dry grass in small paddocks to clean up after the ponies, and I tow around a trailer with the mower for spraying and other transports. A very small tip to note – you open the throttle to fully open to start the engine. Don’t leave it there – I reckon you use 25% less fuel just by dialling the throttle back a notch. You really dont need the full power and top speed of full throttle, but it sure is fun…

      2. Wendy Potts – The Lawn Mower

        Darren and Wendy Potts own ‘The Lawnmower Ltd’ which specializes in commercial lawnmowing and are based in Ohoka, Canterbury. The company was an existing company that they purchased several years ago, now running seven Ferris units and are doing mainly commercial mowing and also larger lifestyle lawns and residential properties.
        One of their large contracts is the beautiful Halswell Quarry grounds which are located on the outskirts of Christchurch and recently won the South Islands ‘Green Flag Award’.

        Before they purchased their 1st Ferris they had done a lot of homework on different Z turn mowers and didn’t make their decision lightly. Now they run a fleet of them, their comments on them, in a nutshell, are “easy to work on and very robust”. Darren says “they’re well-engineered and the centrifugal dry sump oil system is brilliant as they do a lot of hill work which previously gave problems on a machine due to the engine running dry of oil”. The dry-sump system also gives the machine 500hr service intervals which means a big cost saving in maintenance and time.

        The suspension on all the Ferris models makes the ride a lot smoother for the operator, especially on rougher terrain, compared to other brands. Our operators that are on the machines all day say “that by the end of the day if we were on any other machine than a Ferris we’d be absolutely exhausted! Because the machines are so fast (19 km/hr on the largest unit) they can get the jobs done efficiently and quickly for their clients.

        Wendy says they fly the flag a lot for NC Equipment and have been happy overall with the service they provide. She regularly tells customers that are speaking about mowers to get in touch with them about the Ferris brand. Their love for the brand is so strong that they’ve even got their vehicle’s sign written with Ferris mowers on them!

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