Fencepro Mule V Post driver

The Mule V is Fencepro’s latest addition to their range, with revolutionary features! Designed for the buyer wanting a heavier post driver with more options, this is the most popular farmers choice. Can be fitted with the standard return and block as a more economical option.


  • Standard with full hydraulic controls (top-link and side-tilt)
  • Strengthened beam so it can be fitted with a rock-spike kit
  • Able to be fitted with all Fencepro options available
  • Upgraded hydraulic return system does not now require a high flow return
  • Now with an anti-whip post cap which prevents the rope from whipping. Gives a longer rope life and safer to use
  • Specifications

  • 150UC Mast Section
  • 260/575 KG/Pound Block Weight (as standard)
  • 4 Metre Mast Height (as standard)
  • 580 KG Tare Weight
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