Hustler Softhands LM100 Round Bale Handlers

The Hustler LM100 Softhands Round bale handler. Developed, tested and manufactured in New Zealand, and built specifically for round bales, these are very popular and easy to use. Our Hustler Softhands LM100 is priced with the optional patented floating Equaliser system.

$3,910.00 $3,400.00


  • Compact design: single-piece main frame design keeps the load close to the tractor
  • Unique hand shape makes slipping between bales easy and prevents damage to bales
  • Slim profile hands for close stacking
  • Protected hydraulic ram: located inside the main frame protecting it from damage
  • Specifications

  • Bale Size Round: Up to 1.8m
  • Max Opening/Closing: 1.8m/0.2m
  • Bale Weight: Up to 1000Kg
  • Equaliser Bar: Is Optional but our price includes this
  • 3rd Service required: Yes
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