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When you’re in the agricultural industry, farming machinery and equipment are indispensable. However, agricultural machinery is far from cheap and the breakdowns are often costly to repair. Also, it’s a pain when untimely mechanical failures affect your productivity and profit and you are not able to plant or bale on time.

Neglected machines can result in inefficient operation, poor results and operator injuries, halting operations and putting your workers’ lives at risk.

Here are a few tips to properly maintain your machinery and equipment.

Train your operators

It’s vital to update operators and supervisors on the maintenance and operation requirements of each piece of equipment. If those who are going to use the machinery know how to effectively operate it, the chances of equipment breaking down is much lower.

Let workers know where the manuals are kept and make it accessible so workers can brush up on their knowledge of the machine whenever necessary. If the manuals are too technical, you can rewrite the maintenance sections using easily understandable terms.

Regularly lubricate your machinery

Every mobile part of your farm equipment and machinery should be regularly lubricated to prevent friction. Friction is a primary reason for the wear and tear of mechanical equipment. It can contribute to a machine’s poor performance and shorter service life.

For instance, the brake pedals, front-end loader pins and greasing points of a tractor need regular lubrication for trouble-free operation. Dirt and debris buildup should also be cleared out so the parts of your machinery can run smoothly at all times.

Know the signs of wear and damage

If you know your equipment well enough, you’ll be able to instinctively tell when they’re not operating properly. Overheating, vibrations, shock, strange noises and friction are all signs of damage or wear. It’s crucial to keep your eyes and ears open for these signs to have your farm equipment serviced before a major breakdown occurs.

Additionally, look out for rust. The constant exposure of machines to water and moisture in soil eats away the metal, compromising the equipment’s performance and integrity. To help prevent rust, keep your machinery clean by washing them thoroughly after use. Store them in a warehouse where they can stay dry and protected from unfriendly weather conditions.

Keep a strict schedule

Life on the farm is busy and it can be easy to forget when a machine is due for repairs or service. Create a time table to know when your farm machinery’s due for a maintenance check or ask your service team at NC equipment to put you on a regular Service plan.

Seek the help of professionals at NC Equipment

With proper maintenance, your equipment will stay in excellent shape and serve you for a long time which will ultimately enable you to maximise your productivity.

At NC Equipment, we can take care of all your maintenance and servicing, covering the full range of agricultural, outdoor power and viticulture equipment. We have a fully equipped workshop that covers all your needs and an onsite field service vehicle for on-farm assistance throughout North Canterbury.

Let NC Equipment provide quick and hassle-free solutions to your challenges. Contact us today for any enquiries.

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